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Embarrassment of Riches

I think what I love most about gardening is watching the miracle of germination. Purple basil seeds have been lying dormant in the soil for months – since last fall when I pulled out the original plants. Today (not yesterday when the soil appeared barren) these little leaves appeared. Today I now have an embarrassment of riches. How often do we believe there is NOTHING when actually all we need is patience. God’s timing is not ours.


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Gardening Memories

I just returned from the monthly Herbal Society program with thoughts buzzing through my head. The topic was shade gardening and I have lots of ideas I want to explore later, but the one thought that stays with me is a question the speaker asked. She wondered who inspired each of us to be gardeners.


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I was a Master Gardener in Lubbock and loved it. I got to learn so many things I didn’t know I wanted to know. When we moved to Brenham, I promptly moved my “membership” to the one in this area. Nice people, good programs, and a great place to learn about gardening in this new environment. However, Bluebonnet Master Gardeners draws from four counties meaning that travel is extensive since they move meetings from place to place to be “fair.” I have to say that this was great for a newcomer to the area because I learned where places such as Cat Spring were, but it often consumed most of a day getting there and back. (more…)

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I came across an NPR article Do Plants Have Minds? by Alva Noë that  has made me think a lot about the plants in my garden. Actually the contemplation is the result of a convergence of an email forwarded to me that had a link to a wonderful time lapse photography of the flowers that I myself grow. Watching these flowers bloom in “real” time (that is my time – not the flowers ) was a delight. Then I read Noë’s article. The statement below made me stop and think. (more…)

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Think I’m settling In

I decided one day when I had many more important things to do that I should inventory my garden. I had been saving receipts, flower packages, and plant sticks (those little signs that come stuck in the plants you buy already growing), and little stubs of notes from plants given me by others. From these I was able to create a very complete list. (more…)

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