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Who would have thought? I’ve been growing a Christmas cactus for several years that some fellow gardener gave me. I can’t even remember who gave me the first small leaves stuck in a pot, but I managed to keep it alive for which I was proud. Last year it bloomed, much to my surprise. I hadn’t even realized they did that.


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Houseplants tend to take over my house. What starts as a small 3-inch pot becomes, almost overnight, a multi-gallon one that is almost impossible to move. Added to that is the problem that houseplants tend to follow me home like puppies attach themselves to other people. All I have to hear is “I’m going to send this plant to the dumpster” and I’m there. I throw myself between the plant and sure destruction. A tiny variegated Ficus was about to face such a fate several years ago – it’s now a full size tree that has to be overwintered someplace other than my house. (more…)

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