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Christmas Roses

Most folks think roses are summer flowers. Not true. At least it’s not true in warm climates (okay, let’s be honest – hot ones) such as Texas. Both in West Texas and in Brenham roses follow the same blooming pattern. They come out joyfully in the spring with enthusiasm, but then summer descends upon us. At that point the roses say, “I might give you an occasional bloom, but my heart is just not in it.” We rose people tend to coddle them all summer, feeding and watering them as if to override the plant’s basic instinct. Very little comes of our efforts, however. (more…)

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Path to Roses

My first rose was a miniature long ago in my early adolescences. I have no idea how I got it or why. My mother spent most of my growing up years trying to get me to go out and play. Perhaps it was just another enticement. I do know I was enchanted with the tiny perfectly shaped red roses that appeared on the bush. (more…)

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Roses: West Texas Style

As I have said before, it took me a very long time to become even reasonably conversant with the nature of roses. I knew they had color and sometimes fragrance. I knew they had thorns. I knew you should fertilize them (although I had no idea when or how much). I did know that you needed to water them sometimes, but that was pretty much hit or miss. (more…)

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