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Juice from the Vine

juice pic
One of the discoveries I made this spring was that we had wild grapes growing on the edge of our “property” (and for those who ask how much acreage do you have – none – just a city lot which goes completely counter to the move to Brenham from someplace else culture). So I dutifully collected a grocery sack full and proceeded to make grape juice. It’s amazing. The color just reaches out and pulls you in. No wonder wine making is such a draw for so many. But I’ll leave that to others. A little grape juice (cut with some sparkling water) is all I plan to make.

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When I was growing up, the only lettuce I ever saw was iceberg. It appeared at nearly every evening meal. Sometimes it was chopped in a salad. Sometimes it was quartered and served with dressing poured over it. Sometimes it was stuffed into a sandwich. No matter how it was used, it was always the same lettuce. Crunchy, round, and green. That’s about all you could say about it.


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